Evolution is the change of traits of over time, typically referring to the evolution of organisms. Modern evolutionary theory speculates the mechanics of evolution from the big bang (big bang theory), to how the physics of that work (quantum physics theory), to simple organisms becoming complex (endosymbiosis theory), to those complex organisms becoming species of plants, animal, fungi, etc (theory of evolution), to how “survival of the fittest theory” plays a role in that evolution, and more.

There are a number of theories pertaining to evolution (for instance the evolution of non-organic systems like social systems), and each should be judged on its own merit, however THE theory of evolution pertaining to the evolution of species is a pretty solid and respected scientific theory today over 150 years after Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species (his theory had holes, but modern theory has filled them in with experiment based science).

With that said, there are some aspects that we can never know, and in this space is room for spiritual and/or science-based theological thinking. Just don’t let faith-based arguments throw you off from what we do know from experiment in the lab, science isn’t meant to disprove faith, nor can faith disprove science, rather what we do know simply improves our ability to ponder deeper metaphysic and theological questions.

See simplified proofs of the evolution theory here or here.

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Honey Lasts Forever Fact

Honey is sometimes called the only food that doesn’t go bad, this is mostly true. Honey stored properly will essentially last forever due to its unique chemical composition.

The Square Cube Law Impacts Biomechanics Fact

The square cube law says that volume increases faster than surface area when an object increases in size proportionally. This affects biomechanics (AKA the way organisms are built).

Plants Have Senses Fact

Plant senses don’t work the same as human senses, but generally speaking, plants can see, hear, smell, feel, react, and even think.

All Mammals Start as Female Myth

Mammals don’t start as females, they start as a blank slate with XX or XY genetic code, and for the first 5-6 weeks of gestation only the X gene expresses.

Some People are Born Gay Fact

Science suggests people are born in a range of places in the gay and transgender spectrum, with both nature and nurture playing a role in sexuality.

Survival of the Fittest, Only the Strong Survive Myth

“Survival of the fittest” means that those who are best adapted to their environment thrive and tend to be favored by evolution due to “natural selection”. It does not mean that “only the most physically strong or mentally strong thrive”.

Humans are Animals Fact

Humans are animals. Humans have unique traits regarding morality and language, but biologically humans are a type of animal known as a mammal.

We Know How Complex Cells Evolved Fact

Complex cells (eukaryotes) likely evolved from single-celled organisms (prokaryotes) absorbing other prokaryotes, becoming single complex cells over time (endosymbiosis).

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Casually Explained: Evolution

Casually Explained is a great video series, here is Casually Explained explaining evolution. I suggest checking out the overarching YouTube Channel.

What is the State of Nature?

The state of nature is the state humans lived in before forming the first societies. By examining the state of nature we can better understand the implicit and explicit social contracts which govern societies.

Naturally Occurring Social Systems

Naturally occurring social systems are systems that naturally arise when societies form, such as politics, economics, mathematics, and language.