Weight loss refers to all forms of weight loss techniques including diet, exercise, supplements, and strategies aimed at losing weight. We don’t sell products, rather we fact-check all that weight loss advice out there and connect the dots so you don’t have to.

Generally, simple rules like “calories in v calories out”, “small meals”, “regular cardio and weight lifting”, and “a mix of cooked and raw foods of different colors with a balance of micronutrients and macronutrients” is the advice. However, our findings go much deeper (and citations are always included). Have a look for yourself below.

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Fat Makes You Fat Myth

Fat can make you fat, but it isn’t the only thing that causes weight gain. Fat is high in calories and is easy to store as fat cells, but in general, it is storing more calories than you burn (from fat, carbs, or protein) that causes weight gain.

Fasting Removes Toxins from the Body Myth

Scientific research shows the body can remove toxins whether a person fasts or not. In fact, fasting has health risks as the body needs liquid, energy, vitamins, and minerals to detox.

Cheat Days Work Fact

Cheat days (days where you don’t exercise or diet) can help maintain the effectiveness of a diet or workout regime, but only in moderation.

Foods Can Have Negative Calories Myth

There is no negative calorie food. Not even low calorie or fibrous fruits and vegetables burn more calories than they contain, but some drinks can.

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