There Are YouTube Videos With Zero Views fact

Zero View Videos on YouTube

There are videos on YouTube with zero views, the implication being that not even the creator of the video watched the video.[1]How Does YouTube Count Views.[/cite}

Or at least, that is the gist. The reality is YouTube has a pretty specific set of factors to determine what counts as a view.

Although the exact factors aren’t public knowledge, they seem to include things like how long it was viewed, who viewed it, and how many times they viewed.

With that said, views by the uploader do count as views, so as long as the uploader watched enough of it to count as a view, it would not longer be a zero view video.

With that covered, the best way to prove there are videos with zero views is to watch one yourself. One place to do that is the Zero Views app, but for those that don’t want to download the app, you can also see the reaction video below where YouTubers react to zero view videos!

YouTubers React To YouTube Videos With ZERO VIEWS.

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One would assume that most videos on youtube would at least have one view, however that assumption would be wrong. Some YouTube videos literally have zero views.

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