Casually Explained: Evolution

Explaining Evolution, Casually

Casually Explained is a great video series, here is Casually Explained explaining evolution. I suggest checking out the overarching YouTube Channel.

The reason I’m presenting this here is because it is a simple, fun, and thought provoking way to explain a big subject.

The first video explains evolution, the second video explains the different types of lifeforms, the third video explains human life like an MMO.

This is an insanely clever way to translate academic information. So, I’m calling attention to it. There are other related videos on the channel, but it would be lame to include them all here. So watch these and check out the rest for yourself.

Casually Explained: Evolution.

Casually Explained: Evolution II – The Tier List.

Casually Explained: Evolution III – The Human Player Type.

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