Bonsai Trees Are Actually Trees fact

A Bonsai Tree

Are Bonsai Trees Actually Trees?

Even though some other plant types are used for Bonsai, Bonsai trees are actually trees that have been grown and shaped to look like miniature trees. Any tree species can be used to grow a Bonsai tree.

What is Bonsai?

Bonsai is the art of growing small trees and other plants like shrubs that mimic the look, size, and scale of full sized trees.

Bonsai traditionally uses actual trees to do this, although plants that aren’t actual trees can be used for Bonsai too.

FACT: Bonsai trees can be a high ticket item. Bonsai trees can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why Bonsai Are So Expensive | So Expensive.

How to Create a Bonsai Tree

To start creating a Bonsai tree, the first step is finding the plant you want to use. From there you need to trim and prune the plant down to get the basic shape you want.

Next, you use wire to get the desired shape you want and to guide the growth of the tree.

From there, creating a bonsai tree is all about proper pruning and a lot of time, watering, and attention.

The video below will walk you through creating a Bonsai tree.

How to create a Bonsai tree (DIY).


In general Bonsai uses actual trees to create Bonsai trees. Although other plants can be used as well, in general many Bonsai trees are actually trees that have been grown to resemble a full sized version of the same type of tree.

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