Extraterrestrial Diamonds are Common fact

The Universe Sometimes Makes it Rain Diamonds

Extraterrestrial diamonds are very common in the universe. It rains diamonds on some planets, other planets are made of diamonds, and there are even diamonds in stars![1][2][3]

TIP: An extraterrestrial diamond is a diamond formed outside of the Earth.

Consider these points:

  • Scientists have used experiments to predict that it rains diamonds on a number of planets including Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune.[4]
  • It is predicted that some planets beyond our solar system may be almost entirely composed of diamond.
  • There are tiny diamonds (AKA nanodiamonds) floating around the universe.
  • Many meteorites contain diamonds.

Point being, the universe is full of diamonds.

The reason for this is due to the fact that heat and/or pressure can turn carbon (sometimes along with other elements) into diamond (a diamond is just carbon atoms in a specific geometric pattern formation resulting from extreme heat and pressure), and heat and pressure and carbon are common enough in the universe for diamonds to be common.

Or at least, that is the simple version of the story.

The reality is each extraterrestrial diamond would have its own backstory, some could be formed in supernovae and white dwarfs (where heat, pressure, and carbon would all be present), some could form extreme weather conditions on planets (for example, with diamond rain, high pressure conditions on planets cause hydrogen and carbon to come together, some of course form in the mantle of planets (like on our Earth), and nano diamonds can be created from impacts and explosions (perhaps helping us to understand why some meteorites tend to contain nanodiamonds). etc.

In other words, diamonds form when carbon (and sometimes another substance) are subject to high heat and/or pressure.

Does It Rain Diamonds On Saturn And Jupiter?

FACT: Diamond is thought to be one of the first minerals formed after the big bang and diamonds can even be found in stars.

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Diamonds might be rare on earth, but they are very common in the universe. From being in planets and stars, to plants made entirely of diamonds, the universe is essentially full of extraterrestrial diamonds.

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