Marketing is a style of communication intended to sell a product, service, or ideology to a consumer. Marketing tools include video, print, and audio, and usually incorporates psychological and social science theories to achieve its goals.

The Bed of Nails Principle

The bed of nails principle states that while laying on one nail is enough to puncture a person’s skin, laying on many distributed nails isn’t.

Intention Matters Fact

Intention matters in planning, action, and doing. Attention, intention, and impact are all important components of an action.

What Does “Politically Correct” Mean?

Political Correctness (PC) generally describes the debate surrounding tolerance, sensitivity, and self-or-state censorship. More specifically, it refers to the “correct” treatment of groups, in the context of current politics, regarding language and policies.

What is a Useful Idiot?

“Useful Idiot” is a political term that describes a person whose actions are useful to a political group whose goals they aren’t fully aware of (idiot).

There are Best Practices for SEO Fact

Best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) all revolve around great content, proper structure, quality links, relevance, and user experience.