Metaphysics is “what ought to be”, it is pure philosophy, it is “the book that comes after physics”, the most elusive category of understanding.

There is the physical (empirical, what is), logical (reason, logic-and-ethics in-thought), ethical (morals-and-ethics in-action), and metaphysical (pure metaphysic morals, or pure philosophy, what should be).

Metaphysics is like physics, but meta.

Seriously though, it is the philosophy of “what is” (it is “what ought to be” and “what might be” and just pure imagination), the reality just beyond the empirically directly obvious which may or may not be.

The Virtues of Political Correctness

Is America Capitalist?

The concept of political correctness can be understood as an excess or deficiency of a few key virtues. Here is a model of “the virtues of political correctness” based on Aristotle’s virtue theory of means.