A broad category referring to the study of the physical universe including nature and biology.

Goldfish Have a Three Second Memory

goldfish can only remember up to three seconds

Goldfish possess a memory span far exceeding three seconds. Research has demonstrated that their memory can last for several months.

The Sun is Yellow

the sun is not yellow

We have all seen pictures of a bright yellow sun in children’s books and art, but have you ever wondered if the sun is actually yellow?

A Lichen is Both a Fungus and an Algae

Lichen is not a plant.

A lichen isn’t. a plant, it is a dual organism that is both a fungus and algae. The term symbiosis was even coined to describe this phenomenon.

Elephants Are Afraid of Mice

Elephants are essentially afraid of mice, but not for the reasons you might think. Like other mammals elephants, are hardwired to be startled by things that move fast, including mice.

Bonsai Trees Are Actually Trees

A Bonsai Tree

Even though some other plant types are used for Bonsai, Bonsai trees are actually trees that have been grown and shaped to look like miniature trees. Any tree species can be used to grow a Bonsai tree.

Scorpion Venom is the Most Expensive Liquid in the World


Scorpion Venom is the most expensive liquid in the world costing up to $39 million a gallon. Like other expensive liquids such as penicillin, insulin, patchouli, human blood, cobra venom, and horseshoe crab blood, scorpion venom has medicinal uses.

We See Everything Upside-Down

The lens of each eye casts an upside-down image onto the retina. Then your brain takes these two upside-down images at slightly different perspectives (one per eye) and creates a single right-side-up image.