A broad category referring to the study of the physical universe including nature and biology.

A System is a Set of Properties

What are Systems?

A system is any “bound”, finite, set of physical and/or conceptual properties (elements) such as physical objects, rules, or space time coordinates.

Conway’s Game of Life Models Evolution

The Game of Life - a cellular automaton

Conway’s Game of Life is a simple rule-set that models the evolution of systems. It’s a “zero-player” computer program that demonstrates “cellular automata”.

Truffles are Mushrooms

Are truffles mushrooms?

A truffle can generally be considered a type of mushroom under a definition that considers any spore bearing fruiting body of a fungi a mushroom.

Everything Depends on Frame of Reference

Everything we perceive depends on our frame of reference. What we observe is relative to our point of view. In other words, “it is all a matter of perspective”.

Gravitational Waves are Ripples in Spacetime

Gravitational Waves are real

Gravity is the result of the curvature of spacetime by matter. Non-symmetric acceleration of matter produces gravitational waves that ripple across the universe at light speed.

The Dark Side of the Moon Is Always Dark

Is the Dark Side of the Moon Always Dark?

The “Dark Side” of the moon is not actually dark. Every month, it gets two weeks of sunlight and two weeks of darkness, just like the rest of the moon.

There are Four Fundamental Forces

The Four Fundamental Forces of Particles

There are four fundamental forces (interactions) in the universe: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear.