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The Tongue Is The Strongest Muscle In The Human Body

Is The Tongue The Strongest Muscle In The Human Body?

Some think the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body, but it’s difficult to find any definition of “strength” that would indicate this. There is no one way to measure strength and the tongue consists of eight muscles, not one.

There are Different Types of Memory

There are different types of memories.

There are three basic types of memory: sensory memory (what we perceive), short-term memory (what we think about), and long-term memory (what we know).

All Pot is the Same

Is all cannabis the same?

Cannabis (pot) is a single plant genus, but selective breeding and hybridization of the Indica and Sativa species has produced many unique strains. Strains have different amount of specific organic compounds each affecting human physiology differently.

People Can be Truly Unbiased

Can People Truly be Unbiased?

People can’t be truly unbiased; we are hardwired with bias and create bias constantly as part of the natural neurological process of learning.

Whistle Voice is Different than Falsetto

Whistle Voice is Different than Falsetto

Whistle voice and falsetto are both high vocal registers that use alternative positions of the vocal cords and sound like different parts of a flute.

Everything is Made of “Star Stuff”

We are made of star stuff.

As Carl Sagan correctly stated, “we are made from star stuff”. The elements in our body, and everywhere else were transformed by nucleosynthesis in stars.

There are Elements We Don’t Know About

Are There Elements We Don't Know About?

There are elements we haven’t observed occurring (naturally or in a lab), but we can predict the location and properties of “undiscovered” elements.

Humans are Born Selfish, not Compassionate

Are Humans Born Selfish, not Compassionate?

Humans are born both selfish and compassionate; we are hardwired to show compassion to our group and fear to those outside it. It’s genetic self-interest.