Is America a Corporation?

The United States is a corporation.

Is the United States of America a Corporation?

Despite misconceptions, the United States is not a corporation. This can be confirmed by its lack of incorporating acts, its sovereign immunity, and past court cases, among other things.

Below we explain the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, the Act which many people believe to have turned the United States of America into a global corporation at the hands of international bankers but didn’t.[1]

We’ll also explain U.S. Code › Title 28 › Part VI › Chapter 176 › Subchapter A › § 3002 28 U.S. Code § 3002, which has similar claims made about it (and also didn’t “turn American into a corporation”).

And, we’ll also touch on a few other misconceptions about the United States as a corporation.

The important thing to get here is that regions of the United States may or may not be organized and incorporated. Cities, towns, and territories are often incorporated in the United States.

That doesn’t mean “they are corporations,” it means they are “incorporated within the United States.”

TIP: People often point to companies registered under names like “United States Corporation Company” and “United States Inc.” as proof that the country the United States is a corporation. However, be we talking about the United States Corporation company of 1925, or another entity, the answer is generally the same. That is, United States [insert term], stylized anyway including UNITED STATES, is a popular name for companies. There are actually many companies registered under the name United States in, for example, Delaware and Flordia (click those links for lists; with Delaware you have to type in United States and hit search). Although there are many companies named “the United States [insert term],” none are actually the United States of America (the country we live in) itself.

TIP: For those that don’t want to read: When 28 U.S. Code § 3002 says “United States” it means all corporations owned by the United States (any “federal corporation”), not that the United States is itself a corporation. More specifically, and to use the exact wording of the definition, it means any federal corporation, agency, department, or instrument of the United States. Further, that definition doesn’t provide a legal definition for the United States for all time and in every case, it simply defines it that way for that specific chapter on Federal Debt Collection [chapter 176]. Likewise, the Organic Acts organize (give governance rights) to D.C., they do not create another United States. All states and organized territories can self-govern despite being beholden to the Federal Government. Simply put, there is only one United States and all of the aforementioned are simply discussing parts of the one-and-only United States.

TIPThe United States of America consists of 50 states, 1 federal district (D.C.), 1 incorporated territory, and 15 unincorporated territories. Entities created by the executive, legislative, and judicial branches can also be considered “a part” of the United States regarding issues like sovereign immunity and being beholden to the central government. This means for example federal corporations, agencies, departments, etc of the United States are “a part” of the United States, which can be important to clarify for example in rules, regulations, and laws that are discussing the powers and rights of those entities.

“We may say in passing that the argument that the United States may be treated as a corporation organized under its own laws, that is, under the Constitution as the fundamental law, seems so strained as not to merit serious consideration .” – United States Supreme Court UNITED STATES v. COOPER CORPORATION, (1941) No. 484 Argued: March 6, 1941 Decided: March 31, 1941

The U.S. Corporation Myth

The reason this page exists is that it is addressing a persistent myth.

Some say, “The United States of America” is different from the “UNITED STATES” [corporation],” and that, “The UNITED STATES was formed in 1871 and controls only the District of Columbia and the territories it purchases or acquires; Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands.” This is not correct (to the best of my knowledge, although feel free to comment below).

Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands are unincorporated and organized territories of the United States (the one and only United States). The District of Columbia is an incorporated and organized district under the direct control of Congress since the passage of its Organic Acts. It was purposefully organized this way to avoid state-level power grabs, not to ensure some banking conspiracy, as is sometimes insinuated.

The lack of statehood for the capital is to be found in the Constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the document reads, “The Congress shall have Power To …exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States.” – Here’s Why Washington D.C. Isn’t a State [2]

TIP: Columbia is a poetically named, historically used to reference the United States that is a reference to Christopher Columbus. The de facto unofficial national anthem used to be “Hail, Columbia!”

Disambiguation: The “incorporation doctrine” refers to the idea that the states are beholden to the Bill of Rights. This is a concept used in the gun debate; it doesn’t apply here.

Organization and Incorporation in the United States

Before we get into debunking the Organic Act of 1871 myth, let’s discuss how organization and incorporation work. You can skip to the next section for the debunking part.

In business law, a corporation is that which is incorporated as a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law. For regions within the United States, it works much the same way.

Regarding a city, town, territory, or region:

  • Being incorporated means being part of the United States proper (AKA being incorporated into the United States). A legal part of the U.S. in terms of rights, not only property of the U.S.
  • Being organized means having an organized government authorized by an Organic Act passed by the U.S. Congress. This usually consists of a territorial legislature, territorial governor, and a basic judicial system. Being organized means being able to self-govern, even in the case of an organized unincorporated territory which is owned by the U.S. but can govern itself.

A territory may be neither incorporated or organized, like American Samoa; it may be unincorporated and organized like Puerto Rico; incorporated and unorganized, like Palmyra Atoll; or incorporated and organized like the District of Columbia. D.C. is organized and operates under Article One of the United States Constitution and the District of Columbia Home Rule Act and is incorporated by its Organic Acts.[3]

Meanwhile, being admitted into the Union as a state by Congress is the only way for a region to become an official state of the United States.

Are Any States Corporations? Neither the United States nor its 50 States are corporations. All are incorporated into the union by an act of Congress and get their power from the federal Constitution. State Constitutions govern the individual states.

TIP: Only entities incorporated into the U.S. and its states can enjoy sovereign immunity; only official states enjoy voting rights. This why Puerto Rico and D.C. have no official voting rights in Congress. The United States [corporation] if it did exist, would have fewer rights and less sovereignty than a state. Likewise, if the U.S. were a corporation, it would not have sovereign immunity unless it was otherwise owned by the United States federal government itself.

TIP: In the absence of an organic law, a territory is classified as unorganized; in the absence of being “incorporated” into the United States, a territory is unincorporated. This is why it was vital to pass the Organic Acts including the Organic Act of 1871, which organized and incorporated D.C., “the Seat of the Government of the United States.”[4]

FACT: The United States includes 50 states, 1 federal district (D.C.), and many territories with different statuses. Those entities, as well as all executive, legislative, and judicial entities on the federal and state level are beholden to the central federal government. In some cases, this is despite them having their own charters and constitutions and having their own “powers.” There are a few exceptions, like the Federal Reserve which is an independent entity within government. Still, even when there are exceptions, all the entities are beholden to the federal government, and thus to Congress as well. Congress is comprised of state-based elected officials who represent “we the people,” and thus are beholden to “the people” to an extent. This is also true for the Treasury, and no U.S. Code › Title 12 › Chapter 3 › Subchapter XII › § 411 12 U.S. Code § 411 – Issuance to reserve banks; nature of obligation; redemption, doesn’t imply otherwise as insinuated here.

Is the Federal Government, states, territories, or people sovereign? The states and commonwealths of the U.S. are sovereign, as are local governments, as are our citizens, as is the Federal Government… even unincorporated territories like Puerto Rico have some degree of sovereignty, but it doesn’t mean the same thing for each entity. Firstly, every entity is beholden the federal government. Meanwhile, the federal government, state governments, and local governments all enjoy sovereignty (regarding governance) and sovereign immunity (regarding being sued) under U.S. law (although the degree of immunity differs by the entity). This may extend to entities doing contract work for the state (see Advanced Software Design v. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis), but it doesn’t apply to entities that are unincorporated into the U.S. Puerto Rico does not have the same sovereignty the states do. See Political status of Puerto Rico for a discussion of why it was important for D.C. to not be an unincorporated and unorganized district. In terms of the electoral system and rights, sovereignty refers to the fact that each of our 320 million citizens is 1/320 millionth sovereign and each has human rights and voting rights as ensured by the federal constitution and state constitutions although power is delegated in the Republic. See Sovereign immunity in the United States and compare to popular sovereignty for a better understanding of how this complex philosophical concept and the legal concept is often misused in general debate.

 Why Do People Think the United States is a Corporation?

In 1871 Congress incorporated the District of Columbia, and the wording of the Act (along with a few bits of supposed evidence featured below) caused some to speculate that the United States had become a corporation controlled by the international banks.

The simplest rebuttal to this, aside from understanding how things work (as presented above), is pointing out that the Act incorporated and organized D.C., not the United States. D.C. and the “United States” are not the same entity any more than Nashville is the same as Tennessee.

Some otherwise excellent articles that seek to focus on the truth patriotically, like the following article are a misleading, “The United States Isn’t a Country — It’s a Corporation!” Articles like this complex but accurate article and this 2013 article (which I’ll cite liberally here as it proceeded ours chronologically) are correct.[5][6]

UNITED STATES is a Corporation – There are Two Constitutions – Sovereignty. <— No, there are not “two constitutions,” and no, there is no weird sovereignty loophole aside from he well-known Citizens United idea that corporations are people.

TIP: Some point to America as a type of corporatocracy (a government controlled by corporations). Certainly, cases can be made, if we are talking about the political influence of the corporations of the fortune 500 for example. However, like the incorporation doctrine, or the incorporation of D.C., this topic is only loosely related to the topic on this page.

TIP: Because D.C. is a central hub, in a great country, with a beneficial corporation law, many of the world’s most powerful corporations have the headquarters there. That does include the IMF and other international banks and businesses. Which, you know, is good for the country. What, would you rather their headquarters be somewhere else?

Debunking the Myth that the United States is a Corporation

As noted by the previous correct article back in 2013, the two legal documents used to fuel the myth that the U.S. is a private corporation owned by “the Rothchilds” of which our President is CEO, misunderstand the documents they are citing.

For more on the Rothchilds, see a history lesson about the history of banking (NOTE: I am not proposing that international bankers, be than Rothchilds or Morgans for example, aren’t important parts of western and American history, or that they didn’t have a hand in aspects of the creation of our modern system… in fact, that truism seems fairly clear. I am simply proposing that they do not own a corporation named the UNITED STATES that has somehow replaced the United States of America).

With that said, let’s clarify the documents noted above.

Debunking the U.S. Code Title 28 Myth

The first bit of evidence Presented from U.S. Code › Title 28 › Part VI › Chapter 176 › Subchapter A › § 3002 28 U.S. Code § 3002 is:

28 USC § 3002 – Definitions

As used in this chapter:

(15) “United States” means—
(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.

This is used to justify the idea that “United States” means a Federal corporation. The problem is that this isn’t what (15) says (and even if it was, it says “As used in this chapter.”)

To paraphrase in common language the provision says: “United States” includes any federal corporation, agency, department, or instrument of the United States.

In other words, when the document says “United States” it means all corporations owned by the United States, not that the “United States” is a corporation.

Another way to phrase it would be:

[In this document when we say “United States”] “United States” means a Federal corporation of the United States, an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States, or an instrumentality of the United States. I.e. when we say “United States” in this document we are also referencing all federal corporations, agencies, departments, etc.

NOTE: The definition in question here is simply a definition from a sub-section of the U.S. code that is discussing federal debt collection procedures. Here is one example of a sentence from Chapter 176 “The United States may, in a proceeding in conjunction with the complaint or at any time after the filing of a civil action on a claim for a debt, make application under oath to a court to issue any prejudgment remedy..” See how “terms” are used here and how each “term” of importance is clearly defined in for chapter (in this case Chapter 176). This act of providing definitions make it  so they can, for example, say “United States” and don’t have to say “any federal corporation, agency, department, or instrument of the United State” every time they want to use the term. You can click the links below to see where the definitions lay in the hierarchy of the U.S. Code, and hopefully this will help you understand how they do and don’t relate to the full Code and more broadly the Constitution (a law that over-rides the entire U.S. Code). As you go through the pages you’ll see many common words get defined, “claim,” “debt,” “court,” etc, and in all cases the definitions apply to the chapter on federal debt collection and that nothing in that chapter is discussing the formation of some proxy nation (or whatever).

Debunking the Organic Act of 1871 Myth

The other part of the claim says that the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 creates a new Constitution for the United States by inserting wording for “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” in the act that somehow replaced our original “The Constitution for the United States of America.”

So, the first thing to point out is that the act the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 creates “a Government for D.C.” as it says in the Act. It has nothing to do with creating a Government for the United States.

D.C. was first established by Congress via the Residence Act on July 16, 1790. Then, the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801, by Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, formally placed D.C. under control of the Congress and organized the unincorporated territories Washington County and Alexandria County within it. Then, the Organic Act of 1871, the one in question, created a territorial government for D.C.

Up to that point, D.C. had been governed as a mixture of municipalities and counties within District boundaries and not by its Government as a state. Later, in 1874, Congress repealed the territorial government to create a single municipal government for the federal district. See Origin and Government of the District of Columbia Judd & Detweiler, 1902.

Today “the name of the Seat of Government of the United States is The District of Columbia,” but that D.C. and the U.S. are not the same just as the Seat of Government of Washington State is Olympia, but Washington State is not Olympia.

TIP: It is a “federal district” because it is directly controlled by the Government. It is not a state and does not control the government.


As one would assume, despite the persistent myths, the United States is not a corporation.


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  2. Here’s Why Washington D.C. Isn’t a State
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  4. Is the United States of America a Country or a Corporation?
  5. United States Inc.
  6. Supreme Law – is the U.S. a corporation?

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Almodovar, Anthony on
Supports this as a Fact.

You are aware that the US industrial revolution began winding down in 1870 after it took off in 1820 right? Also during the industrial revolution the men that built America did so through fear and any means necessary to gain control over industries. What happened during that time is exactly why this country broke away from Britain. Saying these corporate leaders had no hand in the Act of 1871 is a statement lacking knowledge of the time period. You stated that it’s a conspiracy that international bankers were involved. That statement also lacks knowledge. JP Morgan organized a bailout for the US in 1895 through a civil war era loophole. JP Morgans father had ties to the Bank of England and Rothschild. I recommend the book “Lords of Creation” if you’d like a detailed understanding of what was happening during the 19th century in America. Fact- this country was built on a hatred for corporate sovereignty and centralized banking. Fact- banking practices that were perfected in Europe did infiltrate this country. You are aware of the 2 previous central bank failures from this countries early history right? Fact- An entity cannot interact with a living man in the real world without said man also having an entity to claim. That’s where the all caps name argument comes from. The UNITED STATES is an entity doing business with JOHN ADAM DOE. The UNITED STATES entity cannot in anyway do business with Doe, John Adam a living man. Taxation is an example of doing business. The UNITED STATES entity can only tax a living man if he is linked to an entity, in which case we are all linked to an entity by that lovely Social Security number. A birth certificate creates the entity and social security tracks the entity. You voluntarily accept the entity as being you. Hence why the IRS openly admits taxation as being voluntary.

Thomas DeMichele on

Interesting claims. I’ll research what you state and give my insight below.

Until I can fully research this more I would say this:

1. International banks obviously have an important role in Western history.
2. I have read the Act of 1871 and 28 U.S. Code § 3002 and I really don’t see the legal wording that would turn American into a corporation (from that perspective).
3. What you say is well spoken and smart, but you buzzworded a bit. You said some things like “this country was built on a hatred for corporate sovereignty and centralized banking”… but that isn’t fully true. Some early social conservatives and Jeffersonian classical liberal were anti-bank, just like Jackson, but others like the Adams’ and Hamilton wanted a central bank. Meanwhile, those who were anti-bank were pro slavery, so let’s not go awarding them too many medals. We essentially went to war over this whole thing (the Civil War). After that war these acts were signed, later the Fed was created and the 16th was. Here you can see what I am saying, that is half the country wants an income tax, a global economy, and the world’s top bankers banking our currency, the other side wants to crush the “Secret Societies The Committee of 300, The Jesuits, 13 Illuminati Papal Bloodline Families,The Federal Reserve Bank, Operation Paperclip & MK-Ultra”… right? I mean, one side likes Rachel Maddow and TYT and the other likes Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones. So, I mean, its not like I don’t get the subtext of what you are saying, I do. Also not like I’m advocating the idea that we should offer our country up on a platter alongside our liberty to some international order. I am only suggesting that you are illustrating a somewhat narrow view.

All that aside, to the specific point on this page, I don’t see those documents as literally turning the U.S. into a corporation or creating a corporation UNITED STATES that somehow owns the sentence case republic of state “the United States.”

That said, I take your comments seriously and will read the book you suggest and think on this more in earnest.

I guess i’m just saying, “it is a mistake to think everyone who doesn’t see the world the way you do has some conspiratorial agenda.” If you put enough groups together in a big tent it isn’t a conspiracy, it is like half the human race as the left-wing and the other half as the right-wing. This sort of anti-banker conspiracy is what drove WWII. Hitler was very sure he could “crush” these entities, but one has to wonder if he had all his facts straight… after-all he didn’t succeed in more than spurring on the deaths of tens of millions.

Anyway, rant over. One this is for sure, it is a fascinating subject. Thanks for the insight and comments.

Peter on
Supports this as a Fact.

Thomas: Why did they change the “Constitution for the United States of America” to the ” Constitution of the United States of America”?

Thomas DeMichele on

I would have to research this. I wasn’t aware this was a thing. We can see the original Constitution here:

It clearly says “[we]…establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

It isn’t like that is the title of the document, it doesn’t have a title, it just starts with “we the people…”

Can you clarify what you are getting at so I can help research?

Scholar on
Supports this as a Fact.

Must look at trading with enemies act of 1917 modified in 1933.

It made all U.S. CITIZENS enemies of the corporation. This is what lead to gold seizure.

This 1933 act was similar to the “patriot” act in that it declared a national emergency. This is still in effect, like they would have the patriot act in 100 years from now and barely remember it or even understand hpw it affected them since they were born into it.

Follow the story of money people.

Joseph Skinner on
Supports this as a Fact.


Thomas DeMichele on



Seriously though, I do not believe that the United States is a corporation… but think it is empirically obvious that oligrachs have long highjacked all governments. Money rules the world, no? Democracy is a great ideal though, and I think the US does a great job at liberal democracy in a republic.

Christine Erikson on

“do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America” and having ordained and established this Constitution it has become the Constitution of the USA which it was ordained for. these are the same thing. I ordain a car for you, once you have received it it is the car of you. I ordain a house for you, and once it is yours it is the house of whoever you are.

idiot. you have been being manipulated by liars who tell this USA corporation myth

Scholar on
Supports this as a Fact.

Usc 28

You are saying things without understanding the full picture, author demichele.

So please tell us, if “UNITED STATES” in this instance includes “a federal corporation” what federal corporation(s) exactly? If you declare all individuals corporate entities the way they do with strawmen, declare all municipalities corporations, give it all justification under the UCC aka the “uniform commercial code” justified (falsely) constitutional through the commerce clause which was only intended to regulate trade, mainly in arms but also economic for taxes and trading fairness, between the governments of the several states. This was done as a reinforcement of the union and prevention of alliances between states and possible economic or outright warefare between states.

The people are not a party to the Constitution. It says “we the people” as a propagandized effort for acceptance as it once said ” we the reps of the states of blah blah….” Also, not every state believed in this convention. Not every attendee wanted the convention. Not everyone agreed with the constitution. It took many years and a power vacuum before the government of the Articles was displaced. I was the first internal coupe of our countrys gov at large.

Back to the main topic, there is no such thing as a “United States Citizen” until created after the reconstruction amendments and the debt laws over the war created to enslave everyone in this Corporation. Before that, no national debt would have been recognized. We fought off central banking twice. You can say all you want that the sellouts had points too but in the end they are inspired by greed and consolidation of power only, many times to wield their wishes over others.

The first 10 amendments were added by the “anti-federalists” because they wanted to restrict the power of the government and guarantee the rights people already had. There were so many they said in the 10th amendment that all rights not delegated by the constitution or prohibited by it still do exist and are innumerable and are reserved to the states or individuals.

These individuals and their rights existed prior to “UNITED STATES CITIZENS” and in fact were people prior to the constitution.

So, you have the creation of strawmen, straw corporations aka “corporate citizens” etc all under control of a “FEDERAL” Corporation which distributes ” social security numbers” or “tax id” information for people who want to be a part of the corporation and use “FEDERAL Reserve Notes. ” The FEDERAL Government is NOT the “United States in Congress Assembled.”

I hope this is starting to make sense.

Your “Social security” number or any tax id comes from the IRS, which is a department of the IMF, of the world bank. We lost this country to bankrupcy over the orchestrated civil war and the resulting laws which ruined the sovereignty of the people over generations.

The income tax is interesting too. It states in the constitution that only the income of the state government can be taxed. Remember, the people are not a party to the constitution. Thomas Jefferson said in his autobiography something noteworthy on this matter. He said that there is no difference to the state between working poor “freemen” and slaves tax wise. He said that if overnight by some extraordinary law all poor were made complete slaves, would it affect the taxes collectable by the state? He said the wealth of the slave master is the same as corporate wealth, with no difference economically to the production or otherwise.

So, you have people hired by federally licensed corporations with id work and to trade in Federal reserve notes. This federal conglomerate of all corporations is an international organization with its own branched control over the United States. This deals with the IMF and Standard Drawing Rights aka SDR aka the great world debt currency. The family lineage of these people has gotten them in hot situations a times.

So you see, the Federal Corporation also known as “The UNITED STATES” is an entity of money. It can be seen in court, which means its not sovereign.

Also noteworthy besides the fact that no reconstruction amendments were properly ratified or willingly accepted is the missing 13th amendment. This is what forbid titles of nobility which also includes creating a superior classed society like lnoghts and squires and lords aka judges, lawyers, district attorneys etc. All trials are supposed to be by a jury of peers, meaning people you know and associate with. All charges are guaranteed a jury trial. Juries decide not only the guiltiness but also the validity of the law itself. There is not supposed to be any people in positions of power over you. If the president themselves told a citizen to do something, the citizen has the freedom to decline or ignore them. Unless the case of treason against countrymen, which would need a jury trial, there is very little the government has power over the individual for.

The United States of the original constitution had no power to restrict citizens rights. You can own any weapon under the constitution, but its USC and UCC codes all in Federal Reserve Notes that prohibit it. Payment of Federal reserve notes to anyone means their within the corporation. The taxes in federal reserve notes of owning a fully auto weapon is what makes it prohibitive. The restriction of sales of manufacture by corporations” aka directly a “federal corporation” is not in the constitution but done by the Corporation solely. No manufacturer regustered under so as to be a part of the Federal Corp can now make fully auto guns for sale, nor sell for anything other than federal reserve notes, nor use materials bought within the corp with notes for materials to sell for anything but Federal Reserve Notes.

Coming together more now?

How about alcohol? Other drugs? Again, its all the corporation, not the Constitution nor the ” United states in Congress Assembled.” All in federal reserve notes .

Constitution says only gold and silver is money. Only slaves arent allowes to use money aka the trading with the enemies act of 1933 and gold confiscation. The corporation is only allowed to use federal reserve notes, not gold or silver. Back in the day railroads, steel companies, logging companies etc all issued their own money for trade between employees. This is simply the unification of that under many corporaions guaranteeing that debt based currency with the work of those people in those corporations.

I hope you read all this. Then reread it. Then look some stuff up and reread.

Look at the whiskey rebellion and how farmers were first forced to pay in foreign unnecessary currency. Its all downhill from there.

Cant find first post so reposting for hope it makes it.

Thomas DeMichele on

We do manual approval on the site to filter out spam (all comments that aren’t literal spam are added to the site).

You gave me a ton to think about, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to give a quick response. As you say, I’ll have to read, re-read, and look up to do it justice.

Thanks for the insight, facts, and opinons!

Scholar on
Supports this as a Fact.


Freudian slip…. by Trump

G20 (g7 g8) companies uhhhh… countries Freudian slip by member speaker televised in 2014 i believe it was but not 100% on the date.

The group if companies…….uhhhh countries…..

Look into the group.

Bekura Waliah Shabazz on


frontncenter on

You see…this where people get tricked. The United States Inc. has nothing to do with the country. Reading things by sovereign citizen idiots will only make you stupid. The real filings are Edinburgh, not the USA. This is why there’s so much ignorance and confusion.

The government is in fact a Corporation Sole. A corporation sole example would be the Crown, which is embodiment of Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government. Look up the definition of the Crown.

There are 2 Crowns. One relates to the royal family, the other is in London, at the Inns of Court. Middle Temple are their barristers. Trickery and deceit. That is what it is. Money is what it is all about. Bankruptcy and debt. Look up the definition for Constiture. (One who becomes responsible for anothers debt.)

We have been tricked into paying off the federal governments debts. We the real people, not the states, fund everything. The federal government is the only real welfare recipient and they will do and say whatever they have to for that welfare money. Including flying planes into buildings.

Dobtwant to be on a lust on

Anthony I appreciate your research and tiaking the time in presenting the truth. The UNITED STATES (inc) is a federal corporation! The evidence is out there. This website exists only to present disinformation and twist the truth.
We all need to post this FACT of USA INC and let people realize this is why the corrupt politicians can get away with their deception and fraud to us!

Thomas DeMichele on

I’m just a researcher running an independent blog. If the US was an alien spaceship, and I thought there was compelling proof to show this, I would present it.

Basically, to resummarize other comments I’ve made, I read some of the same stuff you all did about the US being a corporation, tried to verify it, and was disappointed to find a lack of proof to back up the claim (and to find that documents being offered as proof didn’t seem to prove anything of the sort).

Like, I could be wrong, but I am for sure not being dishonest in my attempt to present my findings (just FYI).

frontncenter on

Actually this comment was meant for this person.

You see…this where people get tricked. The United States Inc. has nothing to do with the country. Reading things by sovereign citizen idiots will only make you stupid. The real filings are Edinburgh, not the USA. This is why there’s so much ignorance and confusion.

The government is in fact a Corporation Sole. A corporation sole example would be the Crown, which is embodiment of Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government. Look up the definition of the Crown.

There are 2 Crowns. One relates to the royal family, the other is in London, at the Inns of Court. Middle Temple are their barristers. Trickery and deceit. That is what it is. Money is what it is all about. Bankruptcy and debt. Look up the definition for Constiture. (One who becomes responsible for anothers debt.)

We have been tricked into paying off the federal governments debts. We the real people, not the states, fund everything. The federal government is the only real welfare recipient and they will do and say whatever they have to for that welfare money. Including flying planes into buildings.

And Anthony is right. All the proof being submitted doesn’t prove anything. Because everyone is looking in the wrong places.

Zane on

The SSA has NEVER issued a card to a man or woman, only to the cardholder which, is a trust not a man or woman. The “entity” as you describe it DOES NOT identify you and it does not belong to you as per the form 3000 of the SSA. Properties and assets acquired through the trusts are not yours either, they are the trusts which, is the property of the District of Columbia. The cardholder is a trust and agency business of the Corp US, which is a corporation formed by our government, not our actual government.

The name, number and card are not yours and do not identify you.

frontncenter on

Social Security (or the trusts) is not the property of the District of Columbia. It is the property of the Queen. The Queen owns and amends Social Security in the United States. That is a fact.

NGORadio on

If you say IT IS NOT A CORPORATION THEN WHY your unqualified judges help the thieves stealing people moneys and properties? People don’t trust your lies any more. Same games of enslavement.

Your top federal political players and local 50-states are coordinating the hidden scheme to steal/ collect our assets by perpetrating Wall Street Multiple Fraud in connection with your mortgage fraud. Then you appointed ignorant judges to help the corporations steal everything. This is not a land of freedom but a stole land of occupied Thieves of England.

Thomas DeMichele on

So again, I’ll state this more clearly 1. I am not “them,” I’m just a researcher trying to clarify the idea that the United States was turned into a corporation, and 2. Assuming some do want to continue a sort of global Britain based oligarchy, that is only one of many factions, and there are many factions in America (not to mention the world). The problems with lumping everyone into a category and deciding they are against you are too numerous to state… but at least one is that you alienate potential allies and push them toward whatever other side there is.

I think America’s founders had it right when they agreed to disagree Democratically and created a republic. This idea that a band of nationalists can crush the globalist agenda is like a mirror image of the WW2 ideologies. I can’t imagine that is really going to lead us to peace or anything a well intentioned person would want.

In other words, be skeptical, but think critically. If a loud mouth on the internet or some specific state tv channel tells you “it’s us versus them” try flipping the channel to at least hear the other perspective. But either way, try not to crucify me personally (gotta be a bit selfish here 😀 ).

Thomas DeMichele on

One last thing to think about here. Initially the anti federalist and democrats of the late 1700 early 1800s were anti bank… but then they wanted an independent bank. Meanwhile the federalist, whigs, Republicans wanted a central national bank owned by the US. Likewise in these times the federalist right was protectionist and more for taxation, for debt, pro Britain, and the anti federalist left was more pro France, anti tax, against debt, and pro free trade.

However, after the civil war, and despite the federalist win in that battle what was done was not A or B… it was C. Then, by this time the somewhat changed democrats pushed for an independent within government fed and an income tax by 1916. This is really a mix of both past positions and it led to the us becoming a superpower in many ways (that paired with the wars which we didn’t have to fight on our soil, that was big).

One can’t be the world’s team America (trying to say stabilizing force politiely) without having bankers back them. And side note, Hitler found out you can’t even be a tyrant without a good banker you know.

Now if congress controlled the bank it would make $20 trillion of debt worth less… but having some secret backers who we all kind of can guess the general identities of, that gives that debt more weight and helps stabilize.

Same for the way treasury and the fed and the private banks work to create money. Seems shady if you don’t think about why that mixed system is necessary! What, you want congress in charge? Or just the private banks? There are only so many options here!

The nation is stabilized because of the way it is run…. and that allows the nation to stabilize. That also allows the nation to provide for the general welfare with things like Medicare.

This is really a compromise position between the left and right of old. It is unfair to take this “let’s kick out the Rothschilds” conspiracy minded view toward global finance and think you’ve figured it all out.

In fact, some who don’t like the us take this very position (in ww2 and today).

The world is complex, but it is a mistake to think the founders would not have democratically agreed on the choices we made by today had they lived long enough to see our options.

I didn’t even say half of what I have to say here, but simply put, the world is complex and doesn’t conform to one view that involves evil banks and some dream of agrarian democracy that involves winning some war against “the globalists”. That is to me just a front for those with bad intentions they use to mobilize the far left and right against American interests. The story works because it has merit, but it at the end of the day risks starting global conflict over an oversimplification of a longstanding issue.

Now again, that is my input from a researcher standpoint, not me trying to defend or dismiss and not me reading a script of some organization a conspiratorial person might assume I’m a part of because I disagree or put forth difficult propositions.

Just like, the subtext of the claim I’m debunking is I know rather heavy, so want to address it and qualify my addressing of it so we can all see this from the same frame for discussion (not accusation from high minded places).

Zane on

Wow dude, conspiracy theorize much?

Maggie on

I would ask what this Delaware corporation for UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. Is?

Thomas DeMichele on

Great question. There is 100% a United States of America, Inc. file number: 2193946.

The problem with this is that it is only one of many things called United States of America registered in the Delaware (and everyone registers everything in Delaware). This however does not imply that we don’t own our country or anything like that. I admit, it is bizarre. Certainly a call for more research. But this finding actually doesn’t even line up with the conspiracy theories….

It for example isn’t founded in 1871. I will research and let you know though.

And, that was fairly easy. There is a long list of corporations called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I would reckon none are the secret owners of the US and this is just the sort of stuff that gets added to a conspiracy theory. Again, will keep researching though.


Stephanie Best on

Author’s Opinion:

TIP: Because D.C. is a central hub, in a great country, with a beneficial corporation law, many of the world’s most powerful corporations have the headquarters there. That does include the IMF and other international banks and businesses. Which, you know, is good for the country. What, would you rather their headquarters be somewhere else?

My two cents:

“Which, you know, is good for the country.”


This Country? Certainly not for its citizens. The IMF, International Banks, and The Federal Reserve are fleecing this Country AND its Citizens by creating perpetual debt equaling upon slavery for this and future generations.

This opinions based upon the notion that these Banking Entities are “good for the country”.

I realize that this is not the topic, however it stands to reason there is no right answer. It is only a matter of semantics within a legal argument about the definition of a ruling body of persons – corporations or otherwise – that is presided over by itself.

When one rules over another without obeying its own rules, it is called oppression.

Stephanie Best on

Please have a look at subsections 15 and 15(A) in Title 28 U.S. Code § 3002 and you should see this sentence, ““United States” means— (A) a Federal corporation”.

W on

Thomas DeMichele Thank you for approaching this topic with an open mind. Anything controversial worth knowing takes endless hours of research to reach a somewhat firm conclusion. I am glad you have chose to take this time. I don’t have the time to form an opinion yet. I did read this article which comes to the opposite conclusion
I did just read an article today relevant to your view on WWII that I have had a little more time to investigate, and so lean towards it being true.
I think our concept of war is a lot different that what it actually is. You have read War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler?

Thomas DeMichele on

Those are good links, and fully agree that anything worth knowing takes effort and research and an open mind… but on the links, while smart, they miss some of the concept of peace through world trade and enlightenment (it’s what the owl symbolizes essentially). The imagery is purposefully Greek, Egyptian, and Roman and the concept is that of enlightenment. It’s on the back of the dollar bill, and it helps explain everything that Alex jone’s version of the events would call “satanic.”

I’m not saying using the military as a stabilizing force or the international banks as such a force isn’t without its problems(smedely butler does a good job at explaining major sticking points of the military industrial complex for example), I’m only saying it is also misunderstood and likely kept from the public largely on purpose (due to its complexity).

Sure, securing economic interests isn’t always pretty or good, but if peace through trade is the idea, a dictator trying to take over private companies isn’t exactly the ideal. And if a war does occur, backing both sides is the best best bet for someone with a very long view of the future. It’s called hedging. Also, if you have a central bank, there are worse ideas than being accountable to someone other than the treasury that creates the money (third interests and independent within government makes more sense than one entity controlling monetary and fiscal policy). These things aren’t simple, but the logic is there if you look.

I don’t have time to explain my theories on the history of enlightenment and liberalism and it’s relation to banking, the wars, and the modern state. But I will simply point out, the nature of the forces behind the modern state, like the United States is a corporation myth, is being misunderstood. Phew, big subject and I can’t say it all here. But consider checking out the following video where David Rockefeller tries to explain what a new world order is (essentially it’s better than old world chaos and the history of war and oppression, which is the history of the world). You can quip and say, “well isn’t that the history of the new world too!?” But to that I would say, you are asking that question into your smartphone freely, because you live in a liberal country and have money and don’t have a king telling you what you can say. 😉

Walter M Reed on
Supports this as a Fact.

You’re not a very great researcher but I’m going to educate you!,go to the Fox News where representative Allen west of Florida;where he States the president is the Chief Executive Officer of this Corporation Called the United States of America and here in Florida and you can also go to Florida we’re all corporations have to register to do business in this state and its document number 1 0 0 0 0 9 (the United States Corporation company) also here is a case is 55 Supreme Court 50, 293 U.S. 84, h e l v e r i n g vs Stockholm’s enskilda bank United States District Court 1934 page 5 you can read the whole case if you like sir

Walter M Reed on

I’m Walter and if you want to know anything else?also we all havebeen living in the state of emergency for 63 years see senate report 93-549. they also Blended article 3 of The Constitution, art. 111 common law and Equity law in 1938 they blend those two with admiralty&martine in 1966 and made it a morality does call admiralty it statutory jurisdiction is only three jurisdictions in the Constitution they have the fourth one. Feel free to respond back to this message with questions.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our team Removed some identifying information from this otherwise well intentioned comment.

Thomas DeMichele on

Thanks for offering your insight. It will take a bit of time to go through each document listed.

In the meantime: I fully agree that entities incorporated in the United States are United States corporations. I fully disagree that the United States is a corporation owned directly by foreign banks. As summarized in the article.

Jason on

Why did your team remove information?
I feel slighted. The removal of information is more dangerous to us all than anything that could have possibly been left in. You have turned a great conversation about Liberty into a set up. Censoring a conversation on this topic can only be seen as a punch line.

Thomas DeMichele on

I, the author of the site and editor (in many cases), removed identifying personal information from the comment. I didn’t remove anything of substance to the argument.

Does that make sense?

Speak freely. Just don’t post your personal info online 😉

John Barros on
Doesn't beleive this myth.

If it walks like a corporation, talks like a corporation, controlles a bunch of smaller corporations. Then it’s a corporation bottom line. You can justify it any way you like but that doesn’t change the facts. Blacks law dictionary says a corporation is an artificial person or LEGAL ENTITY created by or under the authority of the laws of a state or nation, composed, in some rare instances, of a single person and his successors, being the incumbents of a particular oltice, but ordinarily consisting of an association of NUMEROUS INDIVIDUALS, who subsist as a body POLITIC under a special denomination. it’s clear in the face if it, so wh