In terms of logic and physics, it is likely that after you die will be like before you were born.

What Was it Like Before You Were Born?

Energy is Neither Created or Destroyed, And Death is Likely a Lot Like How it Was Before You Were Born

No one knows what it is like before or after death, but logically, after you die will be like before you were born.[1][2][3]

In other words, although no one knows what it is like to be dead (outside of those who have been brought back quickly and talk about white lights and such), but we all technically have experienced not being born yet.

Logically, using pure reason, we can assume that these two states are equivalent.

The argument for this is basic logic, we were not, then we are, then we are not again. Why would the states on either end be different?

Then from there we could question the point at which we “turn on” and become conscious (when we become us, when we get our, metaphorically speaking, “soul”).

The argument against the hypothesis that “before life is like after death” would be that our essence started upon our coming into the world (whatever that specific point is), that this essence and our existence added some specific property to our being, and that because of that property the span after death is different than the span before birth (that some impression of that property is retained after death).

There is really no way to know anything concrete about these metaphysical concepts, but we can confirm a single thing, and that is, to restate: “logically, after you die will be like before you were born”.

With that in mind, logic isn’t necessarily king (and neither is physics).

There is nothing about this that implies an essentialist or existentialist perspective, and I’d imagine it doesn’t conflict with many religious lines of thinking.

It is only simply a truism of physics and logic, to what degree it relates to the ethics of how we should act, or the mystic, spiritual, or metaphysics is anyone’s guess.

What Did You Experience Before You Were Alive?.

TIP: Consider, everything in the universe is immortal on some level. All energy in the closed system is as old as the system itself, if not older. That means that every quantum particle in our body has been here since the big bang and will remain here forever. Energy in a closed system cannot be created or destroyed, and blackholes can (probably) record information. We know all sorts of things about physics and logic, but metaphysics is a different story. What does it mean?! We don’t know. That is a question of metaphysics, metaphysics is the art of asking questions we can’t or don’t know the answer to for sure.

TIP: Existentialism is [very roughly speaking] the idea that existence precedes essence, that we can’t confirm if there is purpose, thus we must create our own purpose. This doesn’t mean we can’t believe there is purpose, or that purpose doesn’t come from a higher source (Pascal’s Wager and Kierkegaard’s Christian Existentialism are both Christian existentialist theories who pair religion and existentialism), it means that since we can’t know for sure we have to give our own lives meaning or have faith in something beyond our sensibility. The most difficult questions, the ones that test your faith or your lack of faith, are sometimes the best. They force you to face the realm of metaphysics (where philosophy and spirituality dwell).


Using logic and reason, and considering physics, there is no reason to think that the experince of death won’t be like the experince we had before we were born (non-experience or an experience we can’t remember).

It is interesting to think about, because it forces us to consider what we can know and ask questions about that which we know we can’t know for sure.


  1. I know what its like to be dead
  2. People often say after you die will be like before you were born, implying that nothing existed. What if you just don’t remember it? Like a nightmare you suddenly wake up from and don’t remember why you’re afraid anymore?
  3. You were dead for billions of years and it didn’t seem to bother you.

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Dave on
Supports this as a Fact.


Manuel on
Supports this as a Fact.

I agree in that when asked, one cannot remember past lives based on energy/essence alone. We could have been dinosaurs to name a few; who knows what we will be in future lives. Yes, I believe death is a tranquil state one awaits until the next life.

Lynn hull on

I think it’s a fact. After you die will be like before you were born, makes perfect sense to me. I think people create an after life after they die because they cannot stand the thought that they are not anymore, so they invent a new life in their head. I say get into the life that you have because when it’s over, it’s over. Have some fun while you are here, and eat ice cream.

Sad on
Supports this as a Fact.

Man I seriously hope not but I think that’s the case makes me upset, being alive is just such a thing emotions breathing, being sick, eating, loving, thinking s&#*& to not exist after having existed is just such a bullshit thing f&$# the universe for being this way, it’s cruel of existence to do that but whatever it doesn’t inherently have a moral code to follow.

Thomas DeMichele
Thomas DeMichele on

It isn’t the most fun thing in the world to think about, I agree. At the same time, one thing to think about here is that as far as we know not being born yet didn’t bother us, thus perhaps being in that state again after we die will be roughly the same.

Mostly though, since all we know we have for sure is the in-between part, it is logically ideal to appreciate what we have and live well.

Rob on
Supports this as a Fact.

Seems legit.

JenneB on
Supports this as a Fact.

Although I agree with the fact that after you died will be like before you were born, to an extent, I have to disagree that we have no of knowing what it was like before birth. Like myself, many people have prelife memories. Ones in which we remember making certain choices before coming here. I chose my family and many other aspects of my future life, even the dificculties I have been overcoming. Just know we all have a plan we laid out to learn as much as we can in this life and to learn to love one another..love is key to all.

Thomas DeMichele
Thomas DeMichele on

I like that version. Would be nice if it were accurate. Glad to hear about your thoughts and beliefs.

Niko on

Death is OK… Cos nobody really did want to be born.

Charles Hanes on

If there is anything that happens after you die it will be immediately because before you were born or after you die there’s no such thing as time it’s incident humans have a hard time at this concept but before you were born and after you die there is nothing